Vacuum Transport Research

Swissloop and our Research Partner the EuroTube Foundation ( are working on a large variety of research topics in the field of vacuum transport (aka Hyperloop) and related areas: Cooling Systems, Safety Systems, Structural Mechanics, Fluid Dynamics, Power Electronics, Communication & Control Systems, Mechatronic & Performance research and Use/Feasibility case studies.

The demand for air transport has more than doubled in the last 20 years and is growing yearly with about 6.5%. Global demand for cargo and passenger transportation can today barely be met – let alone in a sustainable manner. Vacuum transport can replace short to medium distance flights and can significantly reduce CO2 emissions. The market of high-speed transportation is a global megatrend set to affect our lives in years to come. 

We at Swissloop are pursuing long-term support for research and education in vacuum transport. In addition to our active team constructing and building a Hyperloop pod, we are starting various research projects at ETH in cooperation with EuroTube as of spring semester 2020, as well as a bi-weekly research seminar at ETH Main Building. 

/*** COVID-19 update: Due to the current situation, the Seminar on Vacuum Transport at ETH cannot be held physically. We are offering the seminar online from now on. Dates and time stay the same. Please see info and instructions below. ***/ 

Research Seminar on Vacuum Transport at ETH

The Vacuum Transport Seminar enters its third round in Spring Semester 2021! Following the successful editions in Spring and Autumn Semester 2020 which generated a great deal of interest, it is continued as of April 2021. 

Join us every Monday to shape the future of transport together. During our seminar, hosted by Swissloop and EuroTube, we present updates of our work, share important news and discuss problems and potential solutions. Students present their work and progress of their projects and industry experts are invited for short insight talks. The seminar is open to all students and you can join without application at one of the dates.

ETH Students may enroll on myStudies via the Course Catalogue (VVZ): Vacuum Transport Seminar: Insights into Hyperloop Research

Location:     Online using Zoom 
Time:            18:00-19:00
Dates:           Every Monday: 12.04.2021, 26.04.2021, 03.05.2021, 10.05.2021, 17.05.2021, 31.05.2021

The schedule will be announced soon.

Previous Seminars

Kick-Off and Introduction to the Seminar
– Swissloop and EuroTube Hosts
Development of a Linear Induction Motor for Highspeed Vehicles
– MSc Student, Electrical Engineering ETH
Vacuum Challenges in Vacuum Transport
– Industry Expert, Busch Vacuum Solutions
*Easter Special*
CFD Applications for High-Speed Vac-Trains
– PhD Student in CFD Group, Paul Scherrer Institute
Cooling of a long Stator Linear Motor for Vacuum Transport
– MSc Student, Mechanical Engineering HSLU
Case study on Tube Docking Stations for Passengers
– BSc Student, Mechanical Engineering ETH


Leak Detection Tool for Inspection of Concrete Vacuum Tubes
– BSc Student, Electrical Engineering FHNW
Design and Development of Carbon Wheels for Pods
– BSc Student, Mechanical Engineering ETH


Structural Tube Design for AlphaTube
– MSc Student, Civil Engineering ETH
Rapid pipe segment installation, time and cost optimized
– Infrastructure Expert, SBB


Introduction to the Seminar
– Swissloop and EuroTube Hosts


Analysis and Simulation of a Control Strategy for Levitating Linear Induction Motors
– MSc Student, Electrical, Engineering ETH
The limit is only the sky (maybe)
– Industry Expert, Molinari Rail AG


Investigation of Shock Waves in low-pressure Vacuum Transport Tubes
– BSc Student, Mechanical, Engineering ETH
Sensing concept for automated tube installation
– MSc Student, Geomatics ETH
System Risk Management in Action – From Project Controlling to System Safety
– Industry Expert, moergeli + moergeli consulting engineering (m+m)


Study of Compressor Application for improving Tube Blockage Ratio for High-Speed Vacuum Transport
– MSc Student, Mechanical Engineering ETH

Design and Development of a Sensor Network Architecture for Hyperloop Vehicles
MSc Student, Electrical Engineering ETH


Levitation technologies for Hyperloop Applications
– MSc Student, Engineering Physics, University of Oldenburg & University of Applied Sciences Emden/Leer

Development of an Eddy Current Drive Based on Permanent Magnets
– MSc Students, Technische Universität Berlin, University of Bremen

Large scale testing of Hyperloop Technologies and wireless high power transmission
– Industry Expert

How to join the Online Seminar:

  • Set up a Zoom basic Account: How to set up Zoom (also possible for non-ethz email addresses)
  • Hit the link below at 18:00 every second Monday
Link to Online Seminar:    Online Seminar
The Online Seminar is pre-scheduled and starts at 18:00 every second Monday.
We are looking forward to meeting you online!


If you are looking for a Semester, Bachelor or Master thesis in collaboration with us and our partner labs, take a look at our current topics listed below. If you have an interest in vacuum transport technologies and you are searching for a project, feel free to reach out. We try to keep this page up-to-date, however, there might be new unlisted projects available.

  • Study on cavity-induced Turbulences by High-Speed Pod Passage for High-Speed Vacuum Transport. Read more ➔
  • CFD Simulation of Pressure Waves generated by High-Speed Body in Vacuum Tube. Read more ➔
  • Characterization of Flow-Relevant Properties for Vacuum Tube Interior Surfaces for High-Speed Vacuum Transport- Development of a cooling system for a long stator linear motor in a Hyperloop system. Read more ➔
  • Investigation of inflow/shock Waves / Pressure Waves in low-pressure tube due to Tube Leakage for High-Speed Vacuum Transport. Read more ➔
  • Simulation of Magnetic Levitation Concepts for Hyperloop Pods. Read more ➔
  • Analysis and Simulation of a Control Strategy for Levitating Linear Induction Motors. Read more ➔
  • Design and Development of a Modular Vehicle Control Unit for Hyperloop Pods. Read more ➔
  • Design of a Rail Bridging Mechanism for High-speed Wheel Transport. Read more ➔
  • Signal Processing in Ultrasonic Leakage Detection for Inspection of Vacuum Tubes. Read more ➔
  • Design of an Ultra light-weight Gate Structure for Vacuum Transport Airlock Doors. Read more ➔
  • Study and Implementation of Highly Energy Efficient LIM Control Strategies. Read more ➔
  • Performance Analysis of Distributed Inverter Architectures. Read more ➔
  • Implementation of a Control Strategy for a Distributed Inverter on FPGA. Read more ➔
  • Development of a Multi-body Simulation framework for Vacuum Transport Track-Pod Systems. Read more ➔

Please fill out the form below if you are interested in a project or if you want to propose one. We will come back to you as soon as possible to schedule a first meeting.