The idea of the so-called Hyperloop was unveiled by SpaceX founder Elon Musk back in 2013. It proposes a novel high-speed ground system which allows moving from Zurich to Berlin in only 40 minutes. As neither SpaceX nor Tesla is developing a commercial Hyperloop themselves, they announced an open competition, gearing towards university students to design and construct the fastest pod. To support this competition SpaceX is constructing a one mile test track, where the university teams are able to prove their human scale pods.

Our short term objective is to develop the fastest next-generation pod vehicle and win the SpaceX challenge in summer 2017. For this, we have to design, fund, build and test the aforementioned by July of next year.

In the long run we aim to connect students from manifold social and cultural backgrounds in Switzerland by creating a sustainable interdisciplinary platform which allows collaborating, promoting and incubating of innovation and technology involved with the Hyperloop.

Swissloop consists of over 50 science and engineering students based at the ETH Zurich and EPFL, and is supported by design, architecture and business students at various institutions across Switzerland.

  • Doré de Morsier
  • Luca di Tizio
  • Lisa Oberosler
  • Carl Friess
  • Nithin Mallya
  • Semion Rozov
  • Conrad Burchert
  • Renato Kessi
  • Laure Lemrich
  • Fabian Bachmann
  • Sören Bölk
  • Moritz Mond
  • Raphael Peltier
  • Arthur Girard
  • Xavi Castellvi
  • Urs Hofmann
  • Kaj Pletscher
  • Fabian auf der Mauer
  • Luca Disse
  • Felix Taubner
  • Umberto Molinatti
  • Naomi Carmen
  • Julian Riebartsch
  • Selver Pepic
  • Yoko Spirig
  • Daniel Kaufmann
  • David Yenicelik
  • Sven Knobloch
  • Marco Stalder
  • Jonathan Unger
  • Tobias Blatter
  • Wojtek Witon
  • Joël Arnold
  • Randolph Busch
  • Laurin Paech
Creative Design
  • Tobias Kauer
  • Manuel Jost
  • Dominik Ulmann
  • Elias Hodel
  • Nils Dobberstein
  • Luca Hänni
  • Michael Kälin
  • Bardhyl Krasniqi
  • Hannes Homberger
  • Sean Hoskyin
  • Benjamin Winiger
  • Daniel Szpilman
  • Gianin Hoessly
  • Ivan Vukojevic
  • Mauro Ammann
  • Nick Zumbühl
  • Michael Yared
  • Sahra Roman
  • David Goran
  • Alexander Schwinges
  • Abir Shah
  • Burak Seyid
  • Daniel Fischmann
  • Benedict Schneider
  • Sumitkumar Chouhan
  • Timo Looser
  • Pascal Bosshard
  • Prof. Dr. P. Jenny
  • Prof. Dr. J. Kolar

Swissloop is working with many partners from all over to help make the hyperloop a reality.

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