Escher Pod

Escher, our 2017 pod features propulsion by compressed air that exits the vehicle at low temperatures and provides a rocket-like acceleration upon expansion at the nozzles. The system has been tested with pressures of more than 200 bar.
The permanent magnets for levitation reside in the vehicle's skis to lower the center of gravity. We designed a braking system reliant on hydraulic pressure, that is able to brake the pod safely at speeds of up to 400 km/h. The two stabilising subunits consist of two dampened wheels that provide lateral stability to the pod.
Escher competed in the second installment of SpaceX's Hyperloop Pod Competition and reached third place, out of 1'200 competitors - yeah!

Escher’s aerodynamic shell is made from carbon fibre – one of the lightest and strongest materials known to man, making it 14 kg light
The cold-gas propulsion system was certified safe by SpaceX, making Swissloop the first team with a “rocket-style” system to get approval by the world’s most successful private rocket launching company.
Our electronics box acts as brain of the prototype – holding our self made PCB and connecting to a multitude of sensors.
The levitating skis are fitted with two Halbach Arrays each, allowing Escher to levitate after reaching 40 km/h
The stabilising wheels make sure that Escher stays aligned when moving along the Hyperloop track.




Individual Parts


Place at SpaceX Competition

The Making of Escher