This is us

Swissloop consists of 20 mechanical-, electrical- and civil engineering,
physics and computer science students and a network of many dozen alumnis


Active Team Members

Muriel Hoffmann

Lead Communication

Stefan Kaspar

Chief Operating Officer

Samuel Sadok

Electrical Engineer Propulsion

Vebjorn Steinvik

Mechanical Engineer Structure

Marc Bär

Project Manager

Nathalie Nick

Mechanical Engineer Aero

Nicolas Marchal

Electrical Engineer Propulsion

Meret Wacker

Lead Industrial Designer

Sumalik Boddu

Electrical Engineer Battery

Vlad Niculescu

Lead Electronic Engineer

Miguel Angel Quero Corrales

Electrical Engineer BMS

Louis Parzefall

Industrial Designer

Tamara Hoffmann

Mechanical Engineer Structure

Daniel Kaufmann

Lead Engineer

Bernhard Schranz

Mechanical Engineer Testing

Pascal Finker

Mechanical Engineer Structure

Colin Lienhard

Mechanical Engineer Suspension

Ramis Schiegg

Mechanical Engineer Brakes

Tej Pranav Bhati

Project Management

Rino Schlaefli

Industrial Designer

Nathalie Salemink

Business Lead

Darius Stulz


Salman Knezevic

Board Member Finance

Oktay Arslan

Board Member Communication & Design

Lisa Oberosler

Board Member


Prof. Dr. Juerg Leuthold

Head of IEF at ETH Zurich

Prof. Jasmin Smajic

Electromagnetic Fields Laboratory

Prof. Jan Carmeliet

Coordinating Professor

Dr. Jonas Allegrini

Focusproject Coordinator

Walter Bachmann

Head of ETH Engineering Office

Dr. Michele Magno

Postdoc at ETH Zurich

Prof. Eleni Chatzi

Chair of Structural Mechanics

Prof. Ralf Trachte

Institute of Industrial Design